About Us

Our Values

  • Quality over quantity
  • Products variety
  • Quality check
  • Positive ecology impact

In Feed Your Skin, we offer a wide range of skincare products (creams, serums, and masks), highest quality facial devices, and professional facial treatment services, all of which are specifically designed to fight against signs of aging in all fronts. Our product line results from endless hours of research and development under the surveillance of skincare scientists. Each product offers a unique solution to a well-known problem. Those solutions include hydrating deep layers of the skin, restoring elasticity and skin texture by boosting collagen production, lifting mature skin, removing stubborn pigmentation, and age spots, increasing skin cell turnover, etc. Moreover, our user-friendly red-light therapy devices are specifically designed to bring professional care to your home’s convenience. Additionally, our customers can opt for a skincare treatment session of their choice and leave themselves in the hands of our well-trained skin therapists.

Feed Your Skin: Visible Results

Your skin is your most valuable accessory. That is the reason at Feed Your Skin, we believe that allocating resources into excellent skin health management items and using the most luxurious and high-quality ingredients, is the initial step towards an ultimate goal of exceptional skin. Our motto is: ‘You are never too old to become younger,’ and we believe that beautiful and sound skin results in more self-confidence and happiness. Our customers are an essential part of our mission, and we are here to bring lifetime solutions and visible results.

Feed Your Skin was established by the board-guaranteed dermatologists and restorative specialists, in Norway. Since the first day of our establishment, our mission is to bring joy and happiness to the people who are in desperate need of practical and innovative solutions for their skincare routines. As one of the most famous Hollywood beauty experts, Linden Tyler once said: ‘Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time’. Therefore, we are firmly convinced that a well-established skincare product takes much detail to attention, expertise, and high-quality ingredients, which will result in better skin conditions for a very long time.